You are the prettiest thing that has ever scared me. 




This is The Mountain Goats’ johndarnielle on nprfreshair talking about his novel Wolf in White Van, self destruction, The Incredible Hulk, and, of course, heavy metal

johndarnielle on his childhood hero:

My dude was the Incredible Hulk — that was my hero. I get emotional when I think about it. … He valued and treasured his friends and … anyone who mistreated them, he wanted to destroy, utterly.


Before being consumed
by Zippo lighter tongues
from tailgate coals
she looked past my face into my head
and said:

“This place is barely alive.
Go find something worth dying for.”​

Flowering Tobacco by Jordan Rizzieri (via rpdsociety)


i write these things
and i know you
        read them,
i fight these things
and you know you
        seed them.



I can’t wait to fucking level the earth

Anonymous: why does new york suck?


You ever seen a waist-high pile of garbage? You ever seen a waist-high pile of garbage on every corner every day for several years?

There’s no place like (him).

There’s no place like (him).



Think to yourself: "Is this a part of my body?"

If the answer is “Nope.”: keep your hands and opinions to yourself.
If the answer is “Yeah.”: be kind to it and fight for it’s rights. 

You are enough.
You are so enough.
It’s unbelievable
how enough you are.
Sierra Boggess


I’d serve you drugs on a silver plate if I thought it would help you get away.
I hope that you would do this for me.



Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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